Our new digital platform, JJ.Energy, is currently in alpha testing and will be available soon.


Serving Industry in the UK

Our Services

We offer a dedicated digital platform for industrial customers. By unifying the supply chain, we help industrial manufacturers throughout the heat recovery process:

Step 1

Identifying and quantifying heat sources and heat sinks in manufacturing processes.

Step 2

Analysing technical options, involving the application of diverse equipment.

Step 3

Pre-searching appropriate suppliers, enquiring about costs.

Step 4

Analysing technical options for potential revenue and comparing ROIs.

Serving Industry in the UK

Additional Services

Equipment selection

Support in selling excess heat

A capable team you can trust

Independent Energy Consultants

Our experienced engineering team with deep industry expertise will fully analyse your requirements. Recommendations will be based on our newly developed digital platform, with its database of equipment used in similar existing applications, and the exclusive ‘heat marketplace’ where we can support you in selling your excess heat.

Our approach is to ensure our customers receive the most up to date and accurate data in order to make relevant changes to their in house energy policies. With our support we can help your company save money and become more environmentally responsible.

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